There are different ways of catching this fantastic animal, either by casting, trolling and even bottom fishing. Select Page. Striped bass … Bait Fishing for Bass: Larger bass are thought to be relatively fussy about the baits they take (certainly when compared to voracious feeders such as cod) and will reject unnatural baits. Rods are typically broken down into two major categories – conventional and spinning. The province’s stripers are now so plentiful and popular, in fact, that the town of Miramichi launched the annual Striper Cup tournament in 2015. Therefore, one of the best lures for striped bass is anything that mimics a shad – we generally use swim shad lures. This one doesn’t really look like anything striped bass would be interested in until you see how it behaves under water. Some of the biggest stripers are caught using the head. Tidal factors also play a big role for saltwater striped bass that we will cover later in this article. The gear rating of Abu Garcia C3-6500STSPC is 5.3:1, which is ideal for striped bass fishing. Surf fishing for striped bass happens year-round, but the best season will depend on your location. Paddles: The Hogy Pro Tail Paddles are our best-selling soft baits due to their versatility and general baitfish shaped profile.They come in a variety of lengths, colors, and weights, with all models internally weighted. Most beginner stripers may find them a little hard, not much but a little for sure. The best lures are often exactly what an experienced angler thinks. Try to plan a surf fishing trip earlier in the morning when the beach is not as crowded. This way, the lure imitates a squid or large baitfish. MID-RANGE: SOFT BAITS 1. Best Time. Using eels is one of the most effective way to catch striped bass; especially really big ones. Best Rod for Beginner Striped Bass Anglers. If you don’t have access to live eels an eel lure can be a very effective choice for striped bass. Striped bass love shad and I mean they LOVE it. TRENDING: An Introduction to Mean Mouth Bass. If I want to focus on the upper part of the water column, then I will usually opt for a Danny Plug, as long as the current is not too swift since Danny Plugs are primarily a calm water lure. Here’s the Four Best Striped Bass Trolling Lures proven over years on the water! Hook and present them as live bait or prepare and rig them as cut bait. Here we present you a collection of best trolling lures for striped bass that match the features you need for tempting striped bass to entrap. In some areas, stripers do not reproduce and are quite scarce, so in this situation, it requires the right strategies, extensive game management and stocking for you to catch … Check out our selection of the five best rod options for striper fishing. The drag system of this reel is powered by Carbon Matrix™. Striped bass tops the list of sports fish targeted by anglers. As Pyzer later said, it was the best day of fishing for numbers that he’d ever had. Striped bass are caught with large lures, spoons, spinners and streamer flies but the most effective baits are live bait. Bunker chunks are usually fished on a fish-finder rig or a three-way-rig. Speaking of lures, let’s talk about some of the best lures for striped bass fishing – from the bank or shore. The weight can be adjusted to work different sections of water, depending on the tide and current. Scented Eels – Best Striped Bass Lures. 3. smelt; creek chub; golden shiner; minnows; 4. Since dead bunker are easy to procure from bait shops, chunking is the most popular method for using this bait. Striped bass are arguably the most popular inshore saltwater species in the northeast part of the United States. Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper Fishing Lure - Baby Blue Fish - 6 in . The best lures for shore fishing can be broken down into three categories - plugs, metal and soft baits - when targeting striped bass around Cape Cod. When slow trolled, these large keel weighted sheet metal spoons wobble with a wide swimming pattern. This is one of the best baits for big striped bass and hybrids. Weekly NJ fishing reports for freshwater and saltwater striper are available from a number of websites online. There are other rods, too, like ice fishing rods and fly rods, but those are best left for another day’s discussion. Best 5 Rivers in Florida to Catch Striped Bass This article briefly discusses several places to fish for striped bass in Florida. Hi Guys/Gals Thought I would post this quick video to try and help a few viewers that are struggling to catch a good Striped Bass. Are you in the mood to catch some striped bass? As striped bass have silvery bodies, it is practical to catch the fish early morning or late by twilight when the daylight is low. On the lake you can easily catch striped bass from an anchored house boat or from the shore. Surf fishermen usually switch over from clams to bunker late in the springtime when larger stripers move in from southern waters. Tsunami Swim Shad . On this fishing day we were using bait fresh alewifes and we were successful as we managed to catch some fish the larger fish of 25 inches. If … Don’t dwell too much on not knowing what lures to use. Best Trolling Lures for Striped Bass. If you can net a bunch of these, fish them near existing schools of alewives in the summertime. Live or cut into chunks, bunker share the title of the best big-bass bait with eels. Consider what type of fishing you will be doing when you go out for striper. 1. The parachute should be jigged to make the reverse skirt flare. The best time of day to catch striped bass is early morning from dawn until about 2 hours after sunrise and late afternoon from 2 hours before sunset until dusk. Also Read: Best Crankbait Rods for Bass Fishing. A few years ago, Outdoor Canada’s fishing editor, Gord Pyzer, and local buddy Jason Gogan caught 240 bass weighing up to 20 pounds in just seven hours. Trolling using a combination of lures and baits works well. SHIMANO TREVALA Saltwater Jigging Spinning Rod. Bucktails cover the entire spectrum of bait profiles, including: squid; lobster; bunker; and a variety of baitfish. Many surf fishers find more success after the water starts to warm up in the spring.
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