If you want to blend different types of hay together while grinding and some of your bales are too tough or wet, such as grass hay, slew hay, cane hay or corn stalks, the custom grinder will not, or can not, always do as you want because their grinders will not handle wet and tough hay. The hydraulic motor provides a flow of 10.5 GPM with a 10 micron oil filter. The grinder mixer drive system is protected with an overrunning clutch for a smooth shut-down. It appears that it may have the hay grinding attachment on it which is sometimes impossible to find in my area. Browse our lineup of grinder mixers for sale. Top brands include Kuhn Knight, RotoMix, and Supreme. Will those tub grinders grind hay or wheat straw as fine as a grinder mixer? They will also grind … Find used grinders and mixers for sale near you. Reason I ask, a gentleman stopped by and was selling horse bedding, come to find out all it is, is, ground straw. Grinder Mixer – JR50 This all new grinder mixer JR50 and JR75 hammer mill is here to meet your needs. The Cyclonic Reservoir provides circulation to cool the oil. The vertical mixer is immune to pluging, but is painfully slow to grind hay unless the tractor running it is at speed, especially if the load is small. away Powerful grinding with 40 four way reversible hammers matched with a 50 or 75 bushel mixing tank make this the grinder mixer for your operation. 2008 ROTO GRIND, 760 Hay and Forage Equipment - Tub Grinders/Bale Processors, Clean, Low Use, Serial Number: 2284128... Zimmerman Farm Service - Website Bethel, PA | 119 mi. Browse the most popular brands and models at the best prices on Machinery Pete. Monomixers are faster at grinding hay, but can plug in certain conditions, mainly in grass hay. Grinder mixers work great for small grains but they just aren't designed for grinding hay. From what I've seen a vertical mixer will not get hay fine enough to flow through a self feeder. A grinder mixer is used in livestock operations. Choose from a wide range of Feed Grinders/Mixers at Fastline. Keep reading to find out why this grinder mixer is… I'm not sure a bale grinder would either. This machine requires HP and if you only have a 50 HP tractor it will take you awhile to grind a load of feed. There were several options available; long discharge auger, hydraulic swing-out hopper/auger, and a hay table, to allow grinding hay/forage, along with various types and sizes of screens. I have been extremely satisfied with my New Holland. Listings for Feed Grinders / Mixers include Horizontal Mixers, Roller Mills, and Reel Mixers. I would imagine you'd just end up plugging the thing up even if you were to try feeding it with a pitchfork. That's why it takes so long. I mean its as fine as hog feed, now they are trying to sell this product for $15.00 per 50# bag. A hammer mill, grinder/mixer is the only thing I know that will grind that fine. The model 355 was the mid-sized model in the line when I bought mine, don't know about today. Grinder mixers are used to transport, grind, and mix livestock feed and unload the mixture.
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