The Mini Humbucker versus Firebird question is a popular one. Here's a new video demonstrating the Lollar Mini Hums in my Tuxedo. In my Firebird V, I actually routed out the neck for a 50's low wind Lollar P90 and it matches ridiculously well with the Lollar bridge Firebird mini (it sounds like an odd combination, but the warmth of the P90 works well with the bridge mini). The mini-humbucker first became widely known to rock guitarists in 1968, when Gibson introduced it as the stock pickup of the … This feature set the Sheraton apart from Gibson's ES-335, which was spec'd with full-size humbuckers, as both guitars were developed concurrently in a joint Gibson/Epiphone project.. 1992 Gibson Firebird V demo with Lollar mini humbucker by Vincenzo Manzi Hello, my name is Vincenzo Manzi. Very interesting. Wondering if anyone has tried a mix of a Firebird mini in the neck and a mini humbucker in the bridge, or vice versa, or some other combination of a firebird mini / mini hum / P90 in a guitar. So now that we have compared the mini humbucker against the P90, let’s go ahead and compare it to the original-sized counterpart. The Fralin are the best clean humbucker I've ever heard. The mini-humbucker was the stock pickup of the original Epiphone Sheraton model. The Allparts mini I used to use was more so than the minis on my Ibanez GB10. Hands down the Mini-hum wooped on the Firebirds (and the P-90's too). So, I read the article about the Firebird pickups vs. the Deluxe style mini humbuckers. Reply to this topic; ... but especially with high output recent mini-humbuckers, you should be able to get a decent balance in output between the neck and bridge. I played thru a Fender Deluxe Reverb with a little slap echo from the Lovepedal Echo Baby I own guitars with both Fralin and Lollar Imperial HB's. As mentioned in the video, I used to think they were the same pickup. By Shaker, January 31, 2009 in Gibson USA. … I had a Tele with P-90's in it and just for the hell of it, I swapped in some Mini-hums first and then some Firebird pickups, both Lollar. Complex, fat, and musical. Lollar pickups for Firebird Sign in to follow this . I have found mini humbuckers to be somewhere between a full size humbucker and a single coil in terms of susceptibility to noise. So there are some good Firebird pickup makers out there, and I'd like to hear everyone's experiences with them if I could. They sound a little TOO fat with overdrive to my ears, but the fact that I use 11's could exacerbate this. I'm torn between a mini humbucker with adjustable pole pieces or a firebird style pickup. I have a Firebird 2010 model and really like it, with one exception, and I'm sure you can guess what exception that is. Mini-Humbuckers vs. Firebird Pickups: A Head-to-Head Comparison Man, I’ve been wanting to do this experiment for ages — and largely because it’s been a black hole off ignorance for me. I am a guitarist and singer as well . Seen lots of clips of the Duncan vintage neck mini, so I know what tone that yields. I have a kind of dark/mellow sounding mahogany-bodied Moon "Reggae Master" with … I want something with a little tighter bass than a full size humbucker. Lollar pickups for Firebird. Mini Humbucker Vs Humbucker. As the name suggests, the mini humbucker is a bit smaller in size compared to the original humbucker. There are so many different kinds of pickups available that it can become difficult to dig through the ever-growing pile to choose the best one for your guitar. Learn the difference between these two vintage style pickups. My real mission was to find a decent alternative Tele type twang. I like the idea of a NY style humbucker but haven't seen too many clips of one being used. Followers 0. The Mini-hums were full and balanced, yet had tons of snap and attack.
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