To help celebrate the many ways that social workers contribute to their communities and the rewards of a career in social work, I asked some of my social work colleagues to tell me why they love being social workers. 83 likes. Situations will crop up, so you have to be flexible and ready to respond at short notice. My mom is a retired social worker. Personal Characteristics of a Social Worker. Social work is the helping profession. When our training combines with our passion for the work, we are able to touch individual lives AND impact international issues.” “I am grateful to have the opportunity to help others on their healing journey; this gives my life meaning and joy. I love being a Social Worker. With world-class production and customer support, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Testimonials from Clients and Supervisors, Social Worker Month: 10 Reasons for Social Workers to Stand Up, Amy Morin, LCSW, Speaker, Author, Psychotherapist, Cathy Hanville, LCSW, Psychotherapist and Private Practice Consultant, Claudia Megele, Head of Service & Principal Social Worker at Wiltshire Council, Courtney Kidd, LCSW, PhD Student, Co-Founder and CEO, Social Justice Solutions, Deona Hooper, MSW, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Social Work Helper, Dima Dupéré, MSW, RSW, Psychotherapy Services / Services de psychothérapie, Ellen Belluomini, LCSW, Lecturer, Higher Education Consultant, Innovator, Jennifer Taylor, LCSW, RPT, Registered Play Therapist, TF-CBT & EMDR Clinician, Jonathan B. Practice se. The Social Work Month theme for 2018 is Social Workers: Leaders. “I love being a Social Worker because the core value of social justice is so central to who I am as a person. Advocates. “I love my work helping women find their most purposeful, passionate, best selves. Here are their answers: “I love being a social worker because it’s an honor to help people achieve success in their respective lives. 83 likes. It is a privilege to affirm her ability to be the creator of her future storyline without staying identified with the past chapters. Top reasons to become a social worker. Something we can’t do as a social worker is force people to do things if they don’t agree, and why would we want to. of Alabama at Birmingham, Linda May Grobman, MSW, ACSW, LSW,,Publisher/Editor, The New Social Worker magazine, Matthew Cohen, MSW, CEO, Social Justice Solutions, Melanie Sage, Assistant Professor of Social Work, BSW Director at UND, Mozart Guerrier, MSW, Executive Director of 21 Progress, Nancy J. Smyth, PhD, LCSW, Dean and Professor, UB School of Social Work, Nathalie P. Jones, PhD, MSW, Assist. Social Work is a field for people who love empowering others whether it be on an individual basis or through a global impact!" Currently, I run a private psychotherapy practice in San Jose, CA and write about mental health for PsychCentral and other websites. As I read through these testimonials, I am so impressed with the multitude of ways that social workers are transforming the world. He was lost, clueless and really doesn’t know what happen that day. I hope it inspires and gives hope. Here is my story why becoming a social worker was my calling. Please contact the editor for permission to reproduce or reprint any materials on this site. Sometimes being a social worker can just be straight up exhausting. “I love being a social worker because I get to watch families heal and parents find the confidence to be healthy guides for their children. You’ll never be bored – Social work keeps you on your toes and every day you’ll face new challenges, working with different people and dealing with unexpected situations. It’s such a joy to see them grow and develop not only their skills but their confidence and “professional self”. With the degree that I currently have and combining it with social work, there won’t be anything that I can’t do to make a difference in a child’s life. Thank you for celebrating Social Work Month with us and recognizing the amazing, gifted individuals who enrich the lives of others through their work as social workers. Log in. It is not intended to nor should it be used as supervision or clinical guidance, or to diagnose or treat any mental health or medical issues. 2) Why is social work a profession? I love that!” I asked the followers of my Facebook page to tell me the best thing about being a social worker. I love the lens of social work that supports me to see each woman as the expert, the central character, narrator, and author of her story. The answer is quite simple. – Charlotte Hiler Easley, LCSW is a clinician who runs A Woman’s Life Equine Assisted Consulting, Therapy, and Workshops that are designed with a heart for helping women thrive (sometimes a horse or two may be involved!). Prof.| Founder/Host of the Social Work Podcast, Karen Zgoda, MSW, LCSW, Instructor, Researcher, Editor, Laurel Iverson Hitchcock, PhD, MPH, LICSW, PIP, Assist Prof. at Univ. Personally, I’ve worked in community mental health, at homeless shelters, and private practice. Here are some of their answers (the initials of posters are at the end of each quote): – When someone says ‘thank you, you don’t know how much you’ve helped me’ when you feel like you’ve had your hands tied due to resources and time constraints. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. A successful social worker must accept that every individual represents a unique set of abilities, strengths and preferences and that the distinctive essence of a client does not need to be fixed, saved, cured or changed but rather empowered, supported and encouraged. Fostering the Next Generation of Social Workers . – Laura Reagan, LCSW-C is a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, and consultant specializing in treating trauma and sexual violence. A social worker can work in a variety of settings, including mental health clinics, schools, hospitals, and private practices. Being a social worker and building a successful career requires several components, all of which can help fine-tune your skills and fuel your passion. She also runs an innovative online grief program and is the author of Your Path Through Grief Workbook. Telehealth & Coping with COVID-19: Resources for Therapists, Guest Post: 5 Invitations for the Aging Services Professional, Guest Post: Fair Wages for Social Workers, How to Give a Social Work Clinical Case Presentation. Surprisingly, I am opposed to political interventions and rarely get frustrated with the changes. I have also gotten great satisfaction from supervising and mentoring social work students and pre-licensed social workers. This site is for informational purposes only. I’ve had the privilege of witnessing tremendous resilience and healing and, of course, deep pain and loss. She is also the host of the popular podcast Therapy Chat. I have enjoyed a career in social work for the past two decades. Below is part one, and part 2 appears in Social Worker Month: 10 Reasons for Social Workers to Stand Up. According to the National Association of Social Workers, “Every day the nation’s 650,000 social workers act as advocates, champions, and leaders who make our society a better place to live.”. Mind you, her highest degree is a BS in Sociology. – Paul Inglizian, LCSW is a psychotherapist in private practice who provides clinical supervision to nonprofit agencies & helps clients who have experienced a life-altering illness or health condition. All jobs have positives and negatives. I want to be a social worker because I have a passion and need to help people. However, most social workers are given scarce resources to help clients, limiting the ways in which they are able to help. It’s challenged me in ways I never expected, touched my heart in profound ways, and allowed me to build deep connections with so many people – both colleagues and clients – that I otherwise wouldn’t have the honor of knowing. I love being a Social Worker. – Mercedes Samudio, LCSW is a Parent Coach, Adjunct Professor of psychology, and the author of the Amazon best-seller Shame Proof Parenting. 25 Social Worker Quotes. I love being a social worker, I thrive on keeping children safe and creating healthy and happy memories for them. She is a California Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years in the field. Being a support worker has also helped to Improve my confidence, patience, been my passion and becoming a social worker will mean actualities my long awaited dream. If that happened as soon as we went it would go back to how it was anyway. I’ve met with clients in jails, homeless encampments, and gang-infested neighborhoods. Everyone, including those from difficult circumstances, deserves to live a fulfilling life and to have someone on their side willing to fight for them. Our world needs more professionals who view people not just as another worker or number, but as holistic people with a variety of motivators, worldviews, and needs. Why Choose the Social Work Profession? Singer, Ph.D., LCSW, Assoc. Furthermore, for every child, adult, and family we help as social workers, we transform communities where clients can grow & thrive, creating healthier foundations for future generations. Social work is about assisting those who need it most. Sharon Martin has a passion for clinical supervision, mentoring new social workers, blogging, and reading all things social work related. working for a major city for 10 years, she retired with a salary of 50K. I also appreciate the many available micro, macro and mezzo career opportunities, and inspiring colleagues that make our world a better place.” Most people in the US think of a social worker as somebody who takes away a child who’s been abused or neglected in some way. It is important because you can really express your knowledge as well as your love for the career path. – Dorlee Michaeli, MBA, LMSW is a psychotherapist and fellow at the Training Institute for Mental Health, and a mental health writer at PsychCentral. I learned about social action and the process of making positive changes. This page may contain affiliate links which means I receive a small commission on items purchased. She's also the author of The CBT Workbook for Perfectionism. March is Social Work Month – an opportunity to celebrate and honor social workers and the important work they do. Social workers don't just interact with their clients; they also work with agencies, hospitals, and nonprofits within the community to learn about what they do and how they can work together. Sharon writes regularly for PsychCentral and the Good Men Project. If you have time/money, I suggest continuing to a Master of social work (MSW). Therefore, having a good balance between work and recreation allows you to do your best as a social worker. You need to speak to the hearts as well as the minds of the recipients. This is because I choose to dedicate my focus on improving my … I am a social worker 24 hours a day, I do not go to work and be a social worker, I love … Being a social worker can be trying at times, but the opportunity to make a strong positive impact is immeasurable. When I made the decision to branch off into Social Work, I did know there were so many area’s for a social worker to be involved in. All material on this website is copyrighted by Social Work Career. My dad’s side of the family was always very interesting to me. Social Work is a great profession!” According to Open University (2013) [internet], social work is a profession which aims to protect children and adult from harm whatever their age, gender and cultural background. We start with a set of core values and the concept of Person In Environment (PIE) and then develop transferable skills that help us build such unique careers in the field. Sharon has worked extensively in Bay Area non-profits and successfully runs a private counseling practice in San Jose. Social Work school taught me HOW “…a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world,” as Margaret Mead said. 3) How does one become a social worker and what does it mean to be a social worker? Being able to enjoy your spare time with family and friends helps you to build resilience to stress. I understand there are so many paths that can be taken to achieve many different things through social work. In honor of March being National Social Work Month, SocialWork.Career asked many social workers what they love most about their work. I am now in private practice, where I can work with clients who fit my skills and devote time to supporting families facing dementia and volunteering in my community. Social workers should never work harder than their clients. Pros of being a social worker: Variety – Social workers have a variety of fields to choose from. I also love being able to shift perspectives on mental health, emotional wellness, and what it looks like to reach out for support and create a healthy tribe for healing!” Being a social worker is not going to make you financially rich, which is why many professionals are drawn to the field because they are passionate about helping others and doing meaningful work. He was told he got off the bus as a child and went immediately to foster care because his parents had died in a car accident. The most meaningful work is that of supporting her as she begins to understand and practice the subtle shifts in language, movement, and transition in light of the whole picture.” Being a social worker is about advocating for the children whose voices were silenced by the situation they have no choice but to be in. Social work is very under valued and as a social worker many times you will feel undervalued to - for many times you will find that your input is … I only endorse products I truly believe in. Social Workers work in amazingly diverse settings. Being a social worker means serving those who need our help, and living our values of giving back and being advocates, and it is an amazing career for those who share those values.” Being challenged with difficult situations on a daily basis is not all doom and gloom. There are really good days and there are also really bad days. Ever since I was a young boy I have been interested in helping people who have been less fortunate in life. See how many you can identify with. Professor, Tarleton State University, Nicole Clark, LMSW, Evaluator, and Consultant, Reeta Wolfsohn, CMSW, Center for Financial Social Work, Sean Erreger, LCSW, Case Manager, Adjunct Instructor, Social Media Evangelist, Steve Whitmore, LMSW, ThriveWorks Counseling, Free Mental Health Webinars, December 2020, Best in Mental Health for Sept and Oct 2020, Free Mental Health Webinars, October 2020. Champions. Furthermore, for every child, adult, and family we help as social workers, we transform communities where clients can grow & thrive, creating healthier foundations for future generations. As a social worker of the inpatient hospice team, Judy takes care of the logistics as patients near the end of life. This is a huge part of being s social worker for me. Clothing (Brand) See more of I love being a Social Worker on Facebook Social work careers are ideal for those who want to help others and be a positive force in the world. JR: Yes but that’s why social workers’ roles should go beyond the individual in favor of activism for social change, social justice. You have to be self-driven and willing to bust your butt for awhile to pay your dues before you have the ability to move up. Discover Being A Social Worker T-Shirt, a custom product made just for you by Teespring. The primary mission of the social work profession is to enhance human well-being and help meet basic and complex needs of all people, with a particular focus on those who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty. – Jill Johnson-Young, LCSW has had a career in Child Protective Services, hospice, and private practice. Social work allows you to appreciate the best in life. Social workers almost never enter the field for love of money or fear of lacking job security – they do it because they love to help people. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. You get more … And so in media portrayals, it’s pretty negative about social workers. The world needs empathetic and ethical individuals to become social workers. We know people play the system so lets truly see what they think is … You will be able to help people improve their lives. – Samara Stone, LCSW-C is the Founder and CEO of The Stone Foundation, a Maryland based behavioral health firm and the force behind Perfected Practice, a nationwide pro-insurance private practice mentoring program. Clothing (Brand) See more of I love being a Social Worker on Facebook You have to be dedicated. Here are their answers: “I love being a social worker because it’s an honor to help people achieve success in their respective lives. Being a social worker is nothing different. “I love social work because it is so diverse. I have reunified families with abuse histories, helped find loving adoptive homes for children whose parents could not parent them, supported adoptive families as they sought to ensure their kids had everything they needed to thrive, had the honor of being with families and patients facing terminal illness, death, and the grief that followed. Why I Aspire to be a Social Worker First, I love the social work profession because there is so many different parts of it. My need comes from knowing that changing the world starts with helping one person and being able to empathize with them. There are two main types of social workers: direct-service social workers, who help people solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives, and clinical social workers, who diagnose and treat mental, behavioural, and emotional issues. From policy, politics and private practice to home visits, community centers, and non-profits, social workers work is micro, macro, mezzo and all parts in between. You have to be a self-starter or you will be in a crappy paperwork position. You will have pros and cons. While the inpatient physician and nurses address the patient’s physical well-being and the chaplain offers spiritual support, Judy works with the patient and family to prepare them for what’s to come. When you train to be a social worker, you are trained in all aspects of the profession, from mental health to child protection. In some situations, you may even save lives. That said, social workers deserve competitive compensation packages for the valuable contributions they make. 6 Blogging Tools that Make Blogging Faster and Easier, Blog Like a Pro: Blogging Class for Therapists, #selfcare #selfcompassion #codependencyrecovery, #itsokaytonotbeokay #selfcare #validateyourself, #codependency #codependentnomore #codependencyreco, #selflove #selfcompassion #youmatter #loveyourself, #codependentnomore #codependencyrecovery #change, Don’t rely on others for validation. All rights reserved. My passion stems from years of abuse and neglect. This work is great for social people who love learning about new organizations, but it can also become a positive experience for introverts and people who are new to the community. "Because social workers are in the business of people. “I love being a social worker because I have had such a diverse and fulfilling career with the skills that come from being an LCSW. Her career in social work has led her to explore the emotional resilience, strategy, and creativity required for entrepreneurship and created a platform for her to work with business owners all over the world. I will attempt to answer the following questions: 1) What is social work? Working at an after school program, I deal with kids that come from all different types of home lives. Personally, I am a totally a indecisive person not knowing exactly what I want. Social workers fill that role, making a difference on multiple levels. Concept of Social Work Nakia L. Bell University of South Alabama Abstract This paper is a brief summary of the concept of social work.
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